Hey! You need a protein packed yummy snack and we got Vigor balls! let's talk....

Meet Our Balls
  • A chewy mix of dried dates, peanuts & cacao powder with soya protein.

    The sweetness of dates complimented by the  slightly bitter cacao makes a perfect match for this protein ball. 

    A great source of fibre and protein, they are a  fantastic way to start the day. 

  • per 50g Pack (2 balls)                                                                                     Energy                          194 kcal                        

    Fat                                   6.1g                              

    of which Saturates        1.2g                              

    Carbohydrate                 23g                              

    of which Sugars              14g                              

    Protein                              11g                             

    Fibre                                 1.9g                                                                               Salt                                         0.25g

  • A chewy mix of peanut butter, peanuts & almonds with soya protein.

    This one is for the peanut butter lovers out there!

    With the highest protein content of any of our balls and the fact that they have a lovely sweet peanuty taste, make them one of our most popular. 

  •                      per 50g Pack (2 balls)                                                             Energy                          230 kcal                        

    Fat                                   12g                              

    of which Saturates        1.8g                              

    Carbohydrate                 17g                              

    of which Sugars              8.8g                              

    Protein                            14g                             

    Fibre                                2.1g                                  

    Salt                                   0.13g                                 

  • A chewy mix of almonds & peanuts, dried blueberries & lemon extract with soya protein.

    These zesty little balls of goodness are packed with 12 grams of protein.

    Some say they resemble meat balls but looks aren’t everything! Nutrition and taste are!We can assure you that they are suitable for vegans! 

  • per 50g Pack (2 balls)                                                                                    Energy                          219 kcal                        

    Fat                                   9.9g                              

    of which Saturates        2.8g                              

    Carbohydrate                 20g                              

    of which Sugars              10g                              

    Protein                            12g                             

    Fibre                                  1g                                  

    Salt                                    0.15g


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  • Vigor Balls came about from a simple motive, to create a high protein, nutritional grab and go snack that was also delicious!

    Protein is one of the 3 major macronutrients and is essential for building, maintaining and healing a strong healthy body. Apart from water it is the most plentiful substance in the body and consuming it keeps us fuller for longer helping with weight loss.

    So whether you are taking part in triathlons or just taking the dog for a walk, grab a packet of Vigor Balls for a clean and healthy snack.


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