About Us

It was May 2015 and suddenly it dawned on me. I was getting married in 5 months and was overweight and out of shape. Like most of us I wanted to look my best for the big day and started going to the gym, playing squash and eating healthier foods.

Getting up at 6 a.m every morning and training is hard enough without having to worry about making breakfast. I needed to get protein into my body. Now protein shakes are great for this but I needed something to munch on! I must of tried every breakfast/snack bar out there. They either had a horrible taste, not enough protein or contained too many nasty ingredients. Some were ok to be fair ( since I first wrote this some good ones have been launched) but I wasn’t overly impressed. ‘I reckon I can do better than this’ I thought to myself and so Paul’s Balls started their journey.

OK, so the name was rubbish but my early efforts certainly showed signs of promise. My wife and I and various friends were eating them for breakfast every morning so I must of been doing something right.

So here we are, a year or so later on after experimenting with umpteen recipes and methods, Vigor Balls are introduced to the world!

I hope you like them as much as we do….